Dark Sun: The Wayward Chronicles

Chapter 1: Drawn Together

"I don't believe in coincidence." - Ragan Almesh Tyezan

In the small desert town of Urath, only a few strange looks found their way to the lone elf who wandered through the dusty streets. Sheera Khan, ranger of the Khan Tribe and child proving her worth to her people, ignored what little attention she garnered, ignored the people drew away from her. Parched from her walk in the desert, she headed for what passed as a tavern, seeking water. Within, she found a dirty crowd of villagers being entertained by a comely young woman, Cassandra, who was performing ventriloquism for tips.

While not immediately apparent, the elf’s passage piqued the young rogue’s interest, and it was carefully monitored. After an expensive drink, Sheera left the tavern, with Cassandra close on her heels, although not unnoticed. Quickly darting into an alley while out of sight, Sheera abruptly grabbed the human and slammed her against a wall, demanding to know why she was following her. Quite naturally, as an accomplished thief, Cassandra admitted nothing. She was also stronger, and broke the elf’s grip, leaving her behind with a few choice curses.

On the other side of the village, Narimbi Besh was tending to Urath’s slow-feeding spring, which had expanded considerably under her care and constant creation of water. Aside from the usual assortment of people who came to her for free water, the potter of Urath also came to her to ask her help in locating some missing slaves. While not completely inclined to do so, the simple fact that someone had come to her, a half-elf, for something aside from water roused in her a generosity that was not always there. She agreed and planned to meet with the potter after the market was closed.

Shortly thereafter, Sheera wandered into the market, still being followed by Cassandra, and was asked the same question. Sheera, as a ranger, agreed to help find those lost in the desert, but, as an elf, required payment for it. This potter was no one to be trusted on a whim. Hearing about the money, Cassandra quickly darted over to offer her services in exchange for coin, as well, although she was already well-known to the potter, who did not seem terrifically happy with her offer. The two waited the brief time for the market day to end with nary a word spoken, when Narimbi joined them and the party headed out of the town proper to the potter’s estate, where nothing they expected to happen would.



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