Running Gags

Cassandra is always the last one awake, unless she takes third watch. Sometimes she gets to wear a tent as a result.

“Make a poison save!” I must have said this at least fifteen times in the first four adventures. Poison is the bane of this party, and seemingly everything on Athas has it.

Enki has earned the quasi-nickname “the Red” due to the fact that when he kills something, there’s usually at least five to ten points of damage beyond what he needs to kill it. That and he has a 19 strength and uses a two-handed weapon. My (the DM’s) interpretation is usually fairly gory when things like this happen.

Cassandra is possibly the worst thief ever. Don’t misunderstand, she usually does awesome with stealth. Her rolls are amazing, and she manages some very lucky slips into places that almost no PC would dare try to. But she always ruins it by talking to a guard or pulling out her continual light rock. ALWAYS. It’s just a part of her charm.

Sheera is infamous for running away. Not that she doesn’t have a good reason for it. Namely, if she can engage it with her bow, she has a much greater chance of surviving, and elves are born runners, anyway. The rest of the party naturally takes some offense to that, so calls of “Sheera runs away” are often heard from the players who don’t control her, especially in heated combat situations.

The party has slowly but surely been inventing sign language. Common expressions include “defiler” (flipping the bird (my own fault)), “utopia” (inverted middle-finger-wiggling(?)), character names: “Cassandra” (hit yourself on the head with a stupid expression), “Sheera” (walk your fingers up your arm like you’re running away), and “Ah!” (throw your hands up in the air as though surprised).

Running Gags

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