A sentient falchion with a foul mouth

weapon (melee)

Baltarian is a beautiful example of what a falchion should be. His hilt is a patchwork of beautiful, green enamel scales, and gold caps either end. The blade itself is a strange, golden metal, although its true color is difficult to tell because it is constantly wreathed in amber, heatless flames. Baltarian can only speak when drawn, which is a mercy at times. He is almost never quiet, save when appropriate, such as sneaking. When he does speak, he does so with a general’s voice, loud and booming, although the things he says are of the least complimentary nature possible. If people were of a gentler breed on Athas, they would likely faint from some of the epithets he takes. When traveling, he also tells stories of things that he did in life, incessantly. He has taken on Thura as an apprentice of sorts, possibly because she pays a great deal of attention to him.

+4 Falchion
Detects magic within 10 feet.
Can detect slopes and shifting constructions.
Can teach falchion as a bonus weapon proficiency.


Oh, the stories Baltarian tells. Such fantastic stories. But despite his best efforts, the party can generally cull the faro from the chaff.

Baltarian was once a great dwarven general who fought during the last days of the Cleansing Wars. He led a mighty army against the forces of Rajaat and won many victories with his dwarven legions, who were less affected by the magic of his champions. However, eventually, the blade fell on him. Mortally wounded and cursed to die within days, a sorcerer who fought with him interred his knowledge and experience into a powerful sword, his own favorite, a falchion. The Wars ended soon thereafter, and Baltarian became a relic of the times. Eventually, he fell into the hands of nondwarves and was put to use for several years before his bearer and party came afoul of a nest of phase spiders, where he waited for hundreds of years to be picked up by Thura Navarre.


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